By Julie Anna Douglas.

A Treasure Chest of Storytelling Inspiration can help children unlock their imagination and create their own amazing stories and adventures.

Children have vibrant imaginations but sometimes creating characters, settings and stories may not come so easily. Filling a mini Treasure Chest with interesting and everyday objects, toy animals and characters could be the perfect way to unlock their incredible ideas and storytelling skills.

Here are some Treasure Chest ideas to get children thinking about magical places, awesome adventures and bringing characters to life, which can be adapted to suit the items you choose. Most of all these activities are fun and creative, encouraging children to play with words and ideas and develop their own style of writing, drawing, exploring and telling stories. Have fun!

1. Write a Postcard…….

From The King of the LionsThe Ice Queen or The Serpent of the Sea where they describe where they live, what a typical day involves for them or where they are on holiday.

Getting published2. Create a Map 

Of The Island of Giant Butterflies, The Land of the Blue Dragons or The Werewolf’s Forest. Think about all the interesting places these characters would explore and what happens there.


3. The Adventures of…….

The Feather, The Pirate’s Telescope or The Silver Coin. Imagine the places that ordinary objects have been and the things they have seen. How many different owners have they had? What stories would this item tell if it could speak?

Getting Published4. Design a Door. 

An old key is an excellent item to include in your Treasure Chest. Draw the door that you think this key would open. Is it a door in a castle, a tree, a dungeon or a garden shed? Who or what would you find behind this door?


5. Play with Words. 

Choose one item and think of as many words to describe it as possible. Be as imaginative as you can. A shell could be shiny, smooth and beautiful but it could also be magical, sinister or cursed!!!

Getting published6. An Interview with……..

The Russian Doll Family or The Wicked Witch or Spiderman. What five questions would you ask and what do you think their answers would be?

7. One, Two, Three! 

Choose any three items from the Treasure Chest and use them to tell a story: one for the start, one for the middle and one for the end. Make it as silly, funny or scary as you like.

8. The Travels of……Getting published

Gingerbread Man or The Majestic Whale or The Ancient Elephant. Use a large map or atlas to take one of your characters on an incredible journey. Which locations will they visit and what will happen while they are there?


9. Design an Invitation. 

Maybe you would like to invite a Pirate to your Birthday Party, a Dragon to your Barbeque or a Zombie to a Disco. Design the perfect invitation and think about what your friends’ reactions would be if these special guests turned up.

10. It’s Magic! 

Choose your favourite object from the chest and decide what magical power you would like it to have. Perhaps a watch which can stop time, a coin which can make you fly or an animal figure which lets you talk to any creature. Imagine the adventures you would have. You could write, draw or record your amazing adventure.

Have Fun!