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Book Review – After The End by Clare Mackintosh

Register your seat at our live interview with Clare on 2 July 6pm BST! A review of 'After The End', the June 2019 novel by bestselling author Clare Mackintosh. 'How can my child be a breath away from death, when evidence of his life is all around me?'...

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Book Review – In Plain Sight by Marion Todd

DI Clare Mackay is back! In Plain Sight is as rigorously crafted as her first St Andrews police investigation. Thorough, tense and totally authentic, author Marion Todd has triumphed again. 'The magnitude of the task facing her was not lost on Clare. A...

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Book Review – The Guest List by Lucy Foley

When Lucy Foley sends out The Guest List you'll want to be on it. But make sure you're near the generator when the lights go out. Calculated, compulsive and churning with intensity.   "Historically, the [cormorant] has been represented as a symbol of...

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Book Review – The Authenticity Project by Clare Pooley

Nonfiction author and blogger Clare Pooley has created her first fiction debut - and it's filled with all the truth, hope and joy we could ever need.   'Everyone lies about their lives. What would happen if you shared the truth instead?' Almost...

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Book Review – Asha & the Spirit Bird by Jasbinder Bilan

Asha & The Spirit Bird is a culture-rich delight. Inspired by her own childhood memories, award-winning author Jasbinder Bilan is proof that you should write what makes your heart sing.   'Family is the most important thing in the whole world.' For young...

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Book Review – See Them Run by Marion Todd

An original concept in police procedurals, See Them Run is suspense loaded from start to finish - and author Marion Todd couldn't have delighted us more. 'Even before she answered the call, she knew it had happened again. There could be no doubt now. She...

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Book Review – The Ghost House by Helen Phifer

First in the supernatural thriller series about detective Annie Graham, Helen Phifer has produced a harrowing, haunting and horrifying piece of entertainment. Step over The Ghost House threshold and enjoy the perfect Halloween Week nightcap.   "Alice, I'm...

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Book Review – Whiteout by Gabriel Dylan

Ride the slopes with Whiteout, a gruesome debut by Gabriel Dylan. YA horror that will chill you to the bone. "Something happened here. Something that changed my life." I’ll be honest… I’ve never read horror. Never been drawn to it. I have a memory that...

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Book Review – The Ghouls of Howlfair by Nick Tomlinson

The debut 'Ghouls of Howlfair' by Nick Tomlinson is the first in the Howlfair series and what an opener! Demons, spectral shadows, warnings written in what looks like blood and a young investigator called Molly who loves BOOKS? Molly Thompson, welcome to...

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Book Review – The Witches by Roald Dahl

The Witches by Roald Dahl presents a dark take on the world of witchcraft and produces one of the most ghastly villains in children's middle grade literature - The Grand High Witch. 'Vee have ignition!' We loved Roald Dahl at school and what better way to...

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Book Review – Sleep by CL Taylor

Tense and turbulent, this latest thriller by bestselling CL Taylor will have you too scared to close your eyes. ‘I need to wake up. I need to get up and run.’ When Anna Willis wakes from sleep in a hospital bed she learns that two of her colleagues died...

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