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A review of ‘The Apprentice Witch’

A review of 'The Apprentice Witch', a novel written by James Nicol. 'Arianwyn mounted the three steep steps leading to the door and fished out the heavy key from her pocket.   Her hand shook slightly as she slid the key into the lock. She paused and took a deep...

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To be judged or not to be judged?

By Elane Retford and Sarah Post. Have you ever considered entering a novel writing competition? We looked into some of the reasons sending your pride and joy to be judged could be the best thing you do. Every entry is read so at the very least it will get your work in...

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A Treasure Chest of Storytelling Inspiration

By Julie Anna Douglas. A Treasure Chest of Storytelling Inspiration can help children unlock their imagination and create their own amazing stories and adventures. Children have vibrant imaginations but sometimes creating characters, settings and stories may not come...

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Storytelling – the best job in the world?

By Laura James. When I visit schools, I often tell the audience it is my firm belief that once you have a roof over your head and food in your tummy the next most important thing in life is a good story.  It’s true! Stories are to me, a human need; there to entertain,...

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We all have a story

By Amy Sutherland. With each of us, there is a story. A life lived, a mistake made, a lesson learned, a love lost. There are personal struggles and profound successes that are unique to each of us, but in the sharing of those individual experiences, we find community....

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30 writing tips on how to get published

By Elane Retford and Sarah Post. Co-founders, I AM in print. If you are looking for tips on writing, you have come to the right place. As well as tuning into one of our webinars for help and advice we have compiled the following list of writing tips to help you along...

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Get Creative with Poetry

By Julie Anna Douglas, Children's Poet. Creative Poetry Ideas to Inspire Young Writers on National Poetry Day 4 October 2018 and Beyond! Inspire young writers to have fun playing with words as they create their own imaginative, colourful, sticky, noisy,...

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Study in the Literary City

By Meggie Dennis, Publishing Media Student at Oxford Brookes. I have been obsessed with books my whole life. When I was four, I spent my first three days at school reading every book in the reading corner, not speaking very much to my classmates, leading my teacher to...

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Imagination Writing Workshops

By Children's Author, Jennifer Killick. One of my favourite things about being a children’s author is that I get to spend lots of time in schools, working with children. I have been visiting schools for about 18 months, and though they are all warm, inclusive places,...

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Day in the Life – School Librarian 

By Emma Suffield, School Librarian of the Year 2018. Being a School Librarian is one of the most rewarding jobs and I am grateful I get to do it on a daily basis. Getting up in the morning and knowing I can make a difference to a student through reading, literacy and...

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Encouraging Early Readers

By Clare Helen Welsh, Teacher and Children's Author. Hello! My name is Clare. I am a primary teacher and children’s author and I’m delighted to be writing a guest post for I AM in Print for International Literacy Day. I love words! People often talk about ‘first...

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