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Book Review – Erica’s Elephant by Sylvia Bishop

Erica's Elephant by Sylvia Bishop is a debut to delight elephant lovers from 4 years up! We can't wait to see what and who Sylvia creates next. Our chosen book review this week must certainly coincide with World Elephant Day. In both fact and fiction,...

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Book Review – Petals and Stones by Joanne Burn

Petals and Stones is the debut novel from author Joanne Burn. Ahead of our live webinar with DKW Literary Agency we review a book by one of their authors, Joanne Burn. And what a book! Petals and Stones is a powerful debut that urges you to speak your...

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Her Sister’s Lie by Debbie Howells – A Book Review

Regret. Remorse. Revenge. Oh, Debbie Howells, you’ve done it again! Another edge of your seat domestic noir. The plot tendrils twist and grip, fusing façade and fact in a most intoxicating fashion* – just what we have come to anticipate from the...

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Book Review – Disturbance by Marianne Kavanagh

Disturbance is the 2019 domestic thriller by author Marianne Kavanagh.   Dark, desolate and distressing, Disturbance ranks as one of our top reads of the year.   Former Deputy Editor of Marie Claire and newspaper columnist Marianne Kavanagh celebrated her launch day...

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Book Review – After The End by Clare Mackintosh

A review of 'After The End', the June 2019 novel by bestselling author Clare Mackintosh.   'How can my child be a breath away from death, when evidence of his life is all around me?' Unlike thrillers usually associated with Clare Mackintosh or her lively,...

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Book Review – Where There’s A Will by Beth Corby

Debutante Beth Corby delights us with the highly original 'Where There’s A Will'.   “Don’t be afraid to be magnificent – it’s the best advice I can give you.”   If only Hannah had heard these words before her interview! We’ve all been there – providing...

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Book Review ‘The Apprentice Witch’ trilogy by James Nicol

This curious, charming, and courageous series by James Nicol chronicles a young Apprentice Witch through her troubles and triumphs. A truly wonderful read for anyone who believes in magic.   'The key clicked loudly in the lock and Arianwyn pushed the door wide. The...

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To be judged or not to be judged?

By Elane Retford and Sarah Post. Have you ever considered entering a novel writing competition? We looked into some of the reasons sending your pride and joy to be judged could be the best thing you do. Every entry is read so at the very least it will get your work in...

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A Treasure Chest of Storytelling Inspiration

By Julie Anna Douglas. A Treasure Chest of Storytelling Inspiration can help children unlock their imagination and create their own amazing stories and adventures. Children have vibrant imaginations but sometimes creating characters, settings and stories may not come...

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