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Broadcaster, journalist and author Emma Woolf is one of the most inspirational people we’ve ever listened to. Having endured some of Life’s most painful ordeals she is often in pursuit of solace and wellbeing, not just for herself but to share a more wholesome way of living with all of us. With six non fiction books published so far, and two novels, she gives insight and tips on becoming a better writer, and offers advice on reframing to get the best out of any situation. Whatever you’ve been putting off, face your fear and just do it! As Emma says, “what’s the worst thing that can happen?”


Wow! Covering philosophy of life, what makes humans tick, how woman are portrayed by the media, and the damage perceived social norms can cause, an hour really wasn’t long enough with writer, critic, journalist and TV/radio presenter Emma Woolf! Author of multiple self-help books including An Apple A DayThe Ministry of Thin, Positively Primal and her recent book Wellbeing, Emma has proved her novel writing gene is alive and well too (perhaps inherited from great aunt Virginia!). Ways To Escape was followed up with second novel England’s Lane, known in the US as The Years After You. While simultaneously writing her third novel and seventh non-fiction work, she made space to chat with us. We explored ways to improve our wellbeing and live in a way which is kinder for us and our planet. And, of course, there were enough writing tips to go round including how to write a “knock-em dead” synopsis and find an agent. Leaving ready to go back to basics, our audience (and we!) resolved to seize the moment and make each day count. Join us for a truly motivating session.

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