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Funny author Jennifer Killick kept things lively in this episode with her brilliant story ideas, anecdotes of school visits and her menagerie of animals! Her journey into publishing wasn’t always easy but her message is clear – keep going. Brilliant advice for children’s writers needing more motivation.


Jennifer is ridiculously talented and funny, and her books are the next best way to prove this, other than meeting her virtually. (Follow her on Twitter if you don’t believe us!). Author of the Alex Sparrow and Mo, Lottie and the Junkers series Jennifer chats ‘big stinks’ as a superpower and reveals the greatest questions she gets asked by school children. Making her stories and school workshops inclusive for everyone, Jennifer has a book she is very excited about coming next –Crater Lake, publishing in April. A writer who is honest about her art Jennifer tells us about rejections and rewrites and not hanging out with David Walliams. This episode contains messages of publishing hope for us all.

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Video duration: 0:55:52

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