Having studied History in Oxford, and with an MA in Creative Writing, Kesia is well-placed to write a novel. Her debut Young Adult fantasy novel We Are Blood and Thunder stormed into the book charts in April 2019, published by Bloomsbury. She has worked in editorial for Pan Macmillan and is now a SENIOR EDITOR for Chicken House Books, a publisher for children’s Middle Grade and YA novels – so naturally, our live audience had LOTS of questions.


With a wealth of experience in publishing, Kesia nicely summarised the different types of editor. We asked what part each plays in creating a novel and how the overall collaboration results in the book you see on the shop shelf. In her role as Senior Editor at Chicken House Books in Frome, she describes her typical day, filled with stories from beginning to end. From editorial support to the annual Times Chicken House Competition, currently open for submissions, Kesia says being an editor is as exciting for her as becoming a published author herself. Writing her own book during lunch breaks, YA fantasy We Are Blood and Thunder was snapped up by Bloomsbury and published last year. An astonishing novel of the highest order, we explore her use of show and tell, her breathtaking world building and how to pull a complex plot together. Her much-awaited second novel, We Are Bound By Stars, will be out this Spring.

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