One of the most moving of our author interviews, this episode brims over with sage writing advice from master storyteller Piers Torday. Inspiring the whole audience, including the classroom of watching children, this is one unforgettable ‘learn to write’ experience. Prepare to be amazed.


Comics, short stories, plays and comedies were all penned by Piers Torday before embarking on an Arvon Foundation Course to improve his writing. The outcome – the first in the astonishing Last Wild trilogy, with its clear environmental message. He went on to complete this trilogy about Kester, a boy with an incredible talent, and captivate us with stories such as the oh-so poignant Christmas setting in There May Be A Castle, the classically written The Lost Magician and, of course, his latest adventure The Frozen Sea. He even found time to complete an adult political thriller on behalf of his late father, Paul Torday. Piers is a natural storyteller and the very beautiful moments in this episode, quite simply, changed our lives. Watch and savour every moment.

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