Author and illustrator Tom McLaughlin brought much hilarity to the room. His sense of humour has helped him navigate life, including his being diagnosed as dyslexic as a child. Whilst he describes feeling “different” from other children this never held him back. His journey to becoming a published author is inspiring. Eager to help any child who identifies as different he has written and illustrated books such as Along Came A Different and The Story Machine. Allow him to inspire you too. A great deal of practical advice awaits anyone wanting to see their own picture books or middle grade fiction in print.


There’s not much funny guy Tom McLaughlin hasn’t tried in the world of writing and illustrating. Having worked as a political cartoonist for The Western Morning News and an animation designer for various TV shows he tried his hand at publishing – with great success. Illustrating books and covers for other authors as well as his own solo projects, Tom has been published by top publishing houses. Bloomsbury, Puffin, Scholastic, OUP and Walker have all signed his delightful stories so far. Nominated for countless awards his books have been translated into over ten different languages. His online Doodle Do-It quick sketching classes offer tips from novice up and this interview contains lots of practical writing and publishing advice too. Inspiration for anyone, dyslexic or otherwise, who has a dream and won’t be held back.

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