Want feedback on your manuscript from a literary agent?

Receiving personal feedback from an agent is a rare and valuable thing. Events and festivals are great for meetings but some of us are restricted by cost or further prevented by physical or logistical limitations.

But the face of agent 1-2-1s is changing.

Using the magic of the internet I AM in print is teaming up with top literary agents to provide a solution – enter our webinar room from your own home and discuss your manuscript face-to-face with some of the best in the business!

How To Book Your 1-2-1

Booking your appointment:

To meet the agent of your choice, follow these instructions carefully:

  • Make sure your manuscript is finished to the best of your ability. Do not book if your manuscript is incomplete.
  • Carry out an internet speed check on your laptop or desktop computer. (Mobile / cell phone devices will not work).
    You can use this Broadband Test. Your download and upload speeds should both be above 2mbs.
  • Read the literary agent bios to decide your best genre fit.
  • Book your 15 minute appointment.
  • Prepare your submission in accordance with your chosen agent’s requirements.

Emailing your attachments:

  • Email your submission attachments in a word document to agent121@iaminprint.co.uk by the stated submission deadline.
  • State your agent’s name in the subject line of the email.
  • Attach three separate word documents: covering letter, synopsis, part of manuscript.
  • Add your name / 1-2-1 date / time to the header of all you send.

Preparation for your 1-2-1:

Letting go of your precious manuscript when you’re on submission can be nerve-wracking and lengthy.

  • I AM in print will be in touch to run a quick connection test with you and familiarise you with the webinar room in advance.
  • On the day of your 1-2-1 you can then log into the private webinar room fully prepared to meet your booked agent who will provide feedback on your material.


I AM in print takes no responsibility for the advice given in your agent 1-2-1.


Ella Diamond Kahn - DKW Literary Agency

Laura Williams is literary agent at the Greene and Heaton Literary AgencyShe is seeking literary fiction, commercial fiction, psychological thrillers and high concept Young Adult.  

Laura is actively building a fiction list and a small non-fiction list. She is currently looking for literary fiction, edgy commercial fiction, psychological thrillers and high-concept contemporary young adult, as well as narrative non-fiction of all types. Her taste is quite dark, and she loves gothic, ghost stories, horror and anything sinister. She also loves books that make her cry, from big love stories to intense family dramas.



25 NOVEMBER 2019





Laura would like you to submit a covering letter, a 1-2 page synopsis and the first 3 chapters of your completed manuscript.

(In addition to the paid sessions, Laura is kindly offering one free session per month for low income/underrepresented writers. Please email agent121@iaminprint.co.uk to apply, outlining your case for this option which is offered at the discretion of I AM in print – This free session has now been taken).

By selecting the PAY NOW button you understand you need to conduct an internet connection test with I AM in print prior to the event. You also agree to email your material to reach I AM in print by the stated submission deadline and note that I AM in print take no responsibility for the advice given in your agent 1-2-1.