Emma Read

Saturday 20 May 2023

15:00 to 17:00


Whatever your characters say, don’t say, mean to say, or refuse to say … dialogue is a gateway to their souls. Great dialogue will showcase your voice as an author, make your characters memorable and instantly recognisable, and even act as a cover for what might be otherwise awkward exposition. Writing authentic dialogue takes practice … and sometimes a bit of embarrassing talking to yourself.

During the workshop we’ll explore how dialogue is used in a variety of formats to convey a story. We’ll examine memorable pieces of dialogue, compare how people really speak to how they speak in books, and edit dialogue for plot.
This workshop will provide you with practical tools and a variety of exercises for writing and presenting dialogue which will, in turn, help your characters shine and your voice come through.

Emma Read is the author of the Milton series (Chicken House), including MILTON THE MIGHTY, one of The Times Best Children’s Books of 2019. She is a creative writing tutor with WriteMentor and Creative Writing Ink, and runs after school club, StorySpinners, for primary children. She is also a long-list reader for both WMCNA and Bath Children’s Novel Award, and a freelance developmental editor with EmDashED.