Gill McLay

Friday 19 May 2023

16:15 to 17:00


Have a chat about the world of agenting children’s books with two esteemed agents, Lil Chase of Caroline Wakeman Literary Agency and Gill McLay of Bath Literary Agency. Lil herself is a children’s author so understands the challenges of writing and agenting, and Gill is co-founder and former Director of the Bath Festival of Children’s Literature. Is children’s fiction a difficult area of the market just now? What are the challenges? What is are the trends? And how can you make your submission stand out?

Agent, Gill McLay graduated with a Publishing & Marketing BA Hons degree from Oxford Brookes University in 1996 and has worked in the world of children’s publishing ever since. Offering over two decades of industry experience from a sales, marketing and commercial side she is able to offer a truly supportive service that compliments the roles of author and illustrators. 

Gill has worked with small independent publisher, Barefoot Books, to large global publisher, Egmont.  She understands the industry. From product development to co-ordinating marketing campaigns with UK retailers, Gill’s experience offers an understanding of all the different roles and sectors within the world of children’s books that together take author’s stories from idea to reader.

Gill works with her clients to ensure they are clear about the different roles within a publishing team. Her aim is to nurture and create supportive and successful partnerships between publishers and her authors and illustrators.

Agent one-to-one appointments are available with Gill. Once you have booked your festival ticket you will receive link and details about Gill’s available timeslots. Please note #Agent121s are charged extra at £60 each.