Kelly Pike

Saturday 20 May 2023

16:15 to 17:00


Find out how book publicity works, how it works if you have a publisher, if you are working with a freelancer and if you are doing it yourself. Discover how it has changed over the years – i.e the growing importance of social media. The impact of the pandemic., buying habits etc and how Kelly thinks it will look in the future.

Award-winning publicist Kelly Pike set up arts and culture PR agency Folk. in 2014. Kelly has nearly 20 year’s experience in the arts world, having kicked off her career working with the likes of Phillippa Gregory, Tony Parsons and Dean Koontz at HarperCollins; then independent publishers Saqi Books and Granta and Portobello where she created several award-winning campaigns and worked with award-winning authors.

Clients include Penguin Random House, Quarto and Pushkin Press as well as arts events including the London Literature Festival, Ledbury Poetry Festival, and the Bristol Women’s Literature Festival.