Tom McLaughlin

Saturday 20 May 2023

16:00 to 17:00


Graphic novels are riding a record high in both today’s adult’s and children’s markets. Where other genres are proving more difficult to sell, agents and publishers can’t get enough of this colourful world fuelled by imagination. But with pages ranging from 48 in number to 480, how does a new writer even begin to put such a book together? What are the key features? Where do you place your twists and turns? And how can you approach an agent with your visual idea in text format? Take this class with author / illustrator Tom McLaughlin to dive into this exciting area of publishing.

Tom McLaughlin is an author and illustrator with over 10 years expirence. He’s written and illustrated over 20 books, from picture books to comedy chapter books. He has worked for some of the biggest publishers including Puffin, Bloomsbury, Walker, Oxford University Press to name but a few.