Thank you so much to everyone who entered the I AM Writing Festival competitions and for the wonderful judges that spent lots of time choosing the winners. Those of you who attended the in-person festival would have seen the results, but for those that couldn’t make it, please find them below. We will be contacting the winners separately. Please feel free to contact us directly if you don’t hear from us soon.

I AM Writing Flash Fiction Competition
I AM Writing Picture Books Competition
I AM Writing Poetry Competition as part of the I AM Writing Festival

1st Place: If Today Were Circled In Red by Mary Mulholland

The surealism of this poem entranced me; it was full of orginal images that really conjure up a certain state of mind. It’s another poem that repays multiple readings and, on each reading, I was surprised all over again. It’s lack of punctuation is a clever choice and, whereas I usually favour poems which land well, the open-ended nature of the ending of this poem suits it perfectly.

2nd Place: Last Walk by Gill Learner

I really admired the storytelling in this poem and the avocation of a sense of place. It’s a poem that gives up more and more on each reading and has a tone of regret that stayed with me for a long time afterwards.

3rd Place: You’ve Got A Friend by Sarah J Bryson

This poem has a clear narrative structure and packs a lot of story into its lines. It’s a poem that invited me in and asked me to share this experience of loss and again, this poem landed well. 

Highly Commended: Wobbly by Susan Hale

I wasn’t quite sure about the title of this poem and feel it deserves a stronger one, but that said I did value its exploration of grief and very much liked the way the poem landed. 

Highly Commended: Accupuncture by Chris Zielinski

There is a consistency of tone and message in this poem, together with a clever way of looking at what I guess to be a relationship. It reminded me of ‘Wind’ by Ted Hughes and it left me wrong-footed and questioning which I also like to be!
I AM Writing Thriller Competition as part of the I AM Writing Festival
I AM Writing Picture Books Competition as part of the I AM Writing Festival
I AM Writing Memoir Competition
I AM Writing Short Stories Competition